Letter from the Editor: Volume 8, Winter 2023

Looking back on 2022 my biggest takeaway is disappointment. I have never felt more sad, had such little confidence, nor experienced such anxiety. Roller skating has been my refuge for over a decade … and I skated only a handful of times last year. I cannot believe how LITTLE I skated!


So moving forward with a positive outlook, I have made a list of resolutions to share with you:


  1. I will skate in group settings, even though I will most likely feel inadequate, embarrassed, and lame at my lack of skills. I know that no one is judging me, and it is only MYSELF that thinks these things.
  1. When I am invited skating, I will say YES and I will not find excuses to back out. I love skating. I love skating with friends. Why would I not take advantage of this?! (I think I backed out of 80% of skate invites in 2022!)
  1. I will host open skate nights in my barn, and invite whomever would like to come skate, but ask that they share a skill with me. That could be a better stance, a dance move, a coping trick—doesn’t have to be hard – just something fun to share.
  1. When I do invite people over to skate, I will actually skate with them, not back out and just watch.
  1. I will drive to the roller rink. I have become a hermit and hate going anywhere these days. Plus my local rink has closed. BUT there are rinks 40 minutes from me, and when I go I have so much fun.
  1. I will skate at the new outdoor park by my house. Even if the angles are hard, if I go often I WILL get better at outdoor park skating.
  1. I will stop complaining that I have not progressed unless I start skating regularly again. I can’t progress if I don’t skate!
  1. I will continue to publish Roller Rag, because it brings me joy!