Letter From Editor Roller Rag Spring 2023 Volume 9

Letter from Editor Spring 2023


Roller Rag Volume 9 Spring 2023

 Editor: Doreen “Belle” Manning

Designer: Todd Verlander

Contributors: Kelly Moyer, Avery Nowicki 

Website: rollerrag.com

Submit: rollerragmag@gmail.com

Instagram: @rollerrag

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SPRING! Words I’ve longed for all winter long. Spring in New England means a chance to make good on those new year resolutions I made back in the last issue: skate more, invite more skaters to the barn and stop complaining about my lack of progress if I’m not skating regularly!


So far, I’ve hosted a birthday skate session in my barn for myself (so selfish!) and pushed through my nervous anxiety that night to actually strap on skates to roll around a bit in front of my friends. I also made a trip to Wooward East just so I could spend a full day skating their dreamy pump track that makes me feel like I am flying.


But the biggest item from my list of resolutions is in your hands right now – Roller Rag. Seeing what everyone put together for this issue, and the kind notes of encouragement that came along with almost every submission, gives me SO MUCH JOY. I’m so proud of how our community has come together to creatively share their love of roller skating, and hope each one of you reading this will put something together for the NEXT issue! [remember, we can help you design it! Just send me copy/images/art!]


Looking forward to summer, I hope to skate on the rail trail by my house, start my dance skating journey, trek into Boston to skate the bowl at Lynch Skate Park (damn I wish we had west coast bowls on the east coast!) and maybe host a few events in the Belle Airfield barn.

Why don’t you create a submission for the Summer issue where you share your own summer roller skating goals with us!



Happy Skating!